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  • Naming is the first and best way to get people’s attention, so we built a process that creates captivating names. You’ll end up with a name that’s right for your business, speaks to your audience, and helps you stand out from the competition.

  • There are many examples of bad design in this age of branding, but the branding process, including steps such as defining brand values, is not all “smoke and mirrors.” It can actually inform design and lead to more effective work.

    The branding world may involve non-designers that don’t appreciate, and even devalue design, but we don’t think referring to what we do as just “identity design” helps our lot. If anything, it reduces what we do to mere craft or styling, and it advances the idea that our work is disconnected from strategy.

  • Walk into someone’s home and you can probably get a good feel for what they are like. They have made conscious choices in every room – from furniture, to paint colors to décor. Is it unorganized? Immaculate? Is the furniture of traditional or contemporary taste? Is the environment cold and sterile or warm and cozy? How we utilize the space we occupy is very telling. The same can be said of our workspaces. Your workspace conveys an image – to your clients and customers, and to anyone else who sets foot in the space – especially your employees. If you want to engage people and create an emotional connection, you have to make sure your workspace is conveying your unique story.


  • Advertising has embraced interactive media. You can go to a variety of websites and upload your own photo to see what you’d look like with a different hair color or style. You’ll also find websites with interactive media designed simply for personal amusement, where you can do things like see how you’d look if you were turned into a zombie. We design these toys and tools as we have an eye for art.


  • A Static Website Designing is the simple way to display your business or product online. The content to be presented can be in the form of services and products or maybe information regarding to your company concerns.

    Static Web Designing pages mainly comprise a combination of code and content. Sites may consist of any number of web pages with least amount of HTML and script which helps in Search Engine Optimization.

  • When we say dynamic website, the word “complex” is associated with it. Page content and layout are developed in a separate manner. That makes things really complicated. However, utmost benefits will be given to entrepreneurs along the way. Considering the fact that elements are not stored together, it is quite possible to customize the content based on a person’s preferences. Generally, this kind of website is supported by CMS or Content Management Systems where data is modified within the database. There is a chance to create numerous updates even without a full understanding about HTML and website software.

  • Our focus is on delivering an ecommerce site that has a rich & pleasant design along with the best functionality an online shopping site can offer. Our 360 degree approach to ecommerce website development covers everything from making the entire shopping experience pleasant for your customers to ensuring all security aspects of the process.

    Having worked on a variety of ecommerce projects, we know what it takes to generate sales. We study your business goals in details to come up with customized solutions to best suit your requirements; paying special attention to everything from your ecommerce website design to it’s functionality to promotion.

  • Creating a great website is more than just designing a beautiful site. We are dedicated to designing and building smart, functional, and usable websites that will help your business or organization reach its goals.

    We build great looking, responsive websites, we take advantage of the relational aspects of the management system to create smart websites.

    We work hard to produce a website that looks great and works for you, allowing you to focus on what you are really great at, running your business.


  • Brochures are the spearhead of marketing efforts: their purpose is to introduce your company, your products and/or services, and to emphasize the fact that you offer better solutions than your competitors. Brochures are key in sales. Our approach to brochure design revolves around these concepts and around one key element: you get involved in the design project as much as you wish. Our experience and skill ensure that the brochure we create for you will be of the same caliber of marketing materials used by large corporations, but you will pay only a fraction of the price these companies spend on their designs
  • Research shows that the most successful retailers use catalogues as an important marketing vehicle. People routinely request and browse catalogs prior to purchasing. At Photo Influenza we understand this and are able to provide a full range of catalog concepts, design and production services. Many companies assume their catalog is a brochure to show off their brand and products, without understanding how catalogs work as an important sales mechanism. Our design team understands the entire production process: from initial mock-up to completed origination, from pre-press to printing and fulfillment, we have experts who can help you make the most cost effective decisions at every stage.
  • With custom stationery featuring your logo and message, you’ll give your clients a quick and easy way to remember you and your business. Stationery gives a personal and professional touch to letters and correspondences, and is an effective way to communicate with your clients, partners, stakeholders and more. Whatever your stationery printing needs-from logos and images to foil stamping and embossing you’ll find what you’re looking for at Photo Influenza. Work with the team that has over four decades of experience in all forms of marketing communications.
  • Professional writers and designers create engaging content solutions for your business. Our team experts in creating captivating, relevant and accurate content so that your website commands an audience from the moment it is launched. Many businesses believe that purely the weight and popularity of their brand will be enough to drive traffic to their website and this conclusively is not the case. No brand is too big for quality content if you want to remain at the top. For smaller brands that want to compete with the big fish, your quality content just might be enough to tip the balance.

  • The strategy towards making your site visible has been affected tremendously lately over the past couple of years, and it is not only restricted to promoting yourself through Bing Ads or simply Adwords campaigns. It has something more to it to make it really effective. For immediate increase in visibility of your website, boosting the in-flow of traffic, and most importantly achieving a higher conversion rate through your corporate website, Pay-Per-Click advertising is gaining popularity in light of ever-increasing number of competitors.

  • Search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing have main search results that web pages as well as other content including local listings and videos are displayed and ranked according to relevance rated by these search engines. However, payment is not involved like those with paid-search ads. You see, word matter and everything in between. With great content, your site can effectively get more traffic while larger audience will easily find you on search result pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines across the globe. So, if you want to rank your website in a cost efficient manner, we’re here to help you. Let us improve your website while saving great amount of time through our proven SEO strategies that have efficiently worked on our previous clients’ sites.

  • Driving traffic towards your site, converting the clicks into revenue and sales is the objective of any social media optimization and advertising. Unless you are a professional in this area, this is a task that is best left to experts.

    Using a high quality social media optimization service makes sure that your advertising techniques reach the best and appropriate target, keep the site visible, relevant and popular on social networking websites and build and consolidate the brand value. They provide your site with exposure to improve product awareness, make sure that it is visited often for interesting as well as informative content, build brand loyalty and improve sales as well as revenue.

  • When we want to learn more about another person, the first place we turn is the Internet and Google is the top search engine to do so. Every day, over one billion names are searched on Google and 77% of job recruiters are required to Google potential employees during the hiring process. While you may not have Googled yourself, it’s certain that someone else has – and they are making judgments about you based on what they find.


    Basically, online reputation management is the process of controlling what shows up when someone Googles your name. We’ll show you how to promote positive content to the top of your search results and push unwanted content (negative, irrelevant or competition) farther down to ensure that when someone Googles you, their results are populated with positive, relevant content about you.


Web Hosting

Zohit Kart is an Internet domain registrar and web hosting company owned by Zohit Design Pvt. Ltd. to give people an easy, affordable way to get their ideas online. Its services include Domains, Hosting, Web Security, Email and Online Marketing.

Wedding Communication

Photo Influenza is India’s only Wedding Communication Studio which handles all your wedding communications hassles to make your wedding a life time memorable experience.