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Our History

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My father is a family man who cares a lot about his community. He also cared a lot about his print business. For him, Quality and Service were paramount. My dad made sure his customers were happy and they loved the prints they bought from him.

During the time when offset and digital printing was taking over letterpress and screen printing my dad had to close his printing business in search of some other business to feed our big family being the only earning source.

During my school days I was very fond of photography and was also inspired by my Mom who also happens to be fashion designer but chose to be a homemaker to take care of our family.

A combination of both my parents influenced my interest in photography and design. I also understood the need of communicating without words so I did a course in Communication Design and started my own design studio (Photo Influenza) to honor my parents and achieve what they wanted to.

Moving Ahead

In 2013 we started the company Photo Influenza with its core service as Photography. It has been a successful business since then we made a remarkable reputation in Photography Industry providing services to clients in commercial, corporate and startup sectors.

Becoming Bigger

It had been over 3 years to our company with a huge market and demand in Wedding Industry we noticed there is no Wedding Communication Studio in India, we had make the best out of the opportunity as we already had an experience working for event industry. We knew it would be the best step to take by brining more people in our company and adding more services with same brand name but a different visual appeal.

Turning Into Private Limited

Second quarter of 2016 Web Design and Development had also started under our roof as we hired a UI/UX designer for design related work. We saw a potential in doing web-based work for clients.

As I had done my education in Communication Design, it didn’t took us a lot to add branding and website related services under the same umbrella. At this time to keep up with the competing market and add trust value to the brand we registered our firm as Private Limited. With Photo Influenza not available as an option for brand name registration we had to go for my pseudonymname Zohit, gave our brand a new name Zohit Design Private Limited.


At being of 2018 we had done more web-based projects than we anticipated. We now had every service required by a firm: Branding, Website Design & Development, Graphics, Marketing and Photography. There was only one thing we were outsourcing at this point, which was Web Hosting. With a progressive mind and a profitable business we had to get this service in-house to provide a better service to our clients. We started another unit for Web Hosting and named it Zohit Kart.