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The real world might be textured and in 3D, but does digital design really have to mimic that? We have always been attracted to clean and simple work where the function is the most important form. We believe Design is the next big thing after music that saves the world.

Less is more.

We believe in minimal, clear design that does not obstruct the message and does not confuse the audience. Getting rid of all the elements that don’t serve a usable purpose, which means that everything remaining on the screen has its role.

There is art in design, but design is not art.

We believe strongly that all design must have a purpose. It cannot exist for its own sake, nor use a style ‘just because it looks nice’. Great design is more than just good aesthetics. It is the way we use objects. An iPad or an Eames chair are beautiful by themselves, but you can’t truly appreciate their design until you start using them. It’s only then that you experience all the subtle touches; all the things visible and invisible that make great design.

Design is so simple that it’s so complex.

Simplicity is hidden behind shapes and colors of elements. Users have learned to distinguish between buttons and input elements; they do not need to add glare or artificial volume. Content delivery in its simplest form, which in turn enhances the ability for us to more easily absorb the information.

Throughout our portfolio you will see examples of our philosophy in action. This philosophy is gained after experience of engaging clients and content to figure out the best way to communicate their message, not ours.